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On June 20, 1983, the crew of the space shuttle Challenger – including America's first space woman Sally Ride -- deployed an Indonesian communications satellite called Palapa-B1 into orbit. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

In a meeting of the National Space Council yesterday (June 18), President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to get cracking on building a sixth branch of the U.S. military called the Space Force. We have one. It's called the Air Force.

Warner Bros. At the height of North American summer, many plants are at their most dangerous. We don't normally think of plants as particularly scary organisms. But this rather entertaining Reddit thread from 2016 will make you reconsider that assumption. "Botanists of reddit, what are the scariest plants in the world?" user Zipzapadam asked. And Reddit delivered. We're not talking about common poison ivy or run-of-the-mill carnivorous plants. Some of these plants could actually kill you. As one Redditor put it, "This post just makes me want to stay indoors and hide from plants." You probably will, too. Here are nine terrifying plants to stay away from:Heracleum mantegazzianum, "Giant hogweed," "Cartwheel-flower," "Giant Cow Parsnip" debbcollins/Flickr Giant hogweed's sap can cause rashes, blisters, permanent scarring, and even blindness. The plant, which can grow up to 20 feet tall, is listed as a "noxious weed" in the US because of its toxicity. It can look pretty similar to other common plants in the US, so the New York Department of Environmental Conservation has a handy guide to identify it. On June 18, researchers reported that giant hogweed had spread to Virginia, and warned locals to watch out for it, saying even brushing against it can severe cause burns and blisters. Aconitum napellus, "Monkshood," "Wolfsbane" utahwildflowers/Flickr It looks beautiful and harmless, but all parts of the Monkshood plant are poisonous. In ancient times, people would use it on arrow tips and as bait to kill wolves, which is why it's also called Wolfsbane. A 33-year-old gardener allegedly died after touching (or possibly eating) the plant in 2014, the BBC reported. Monkshood can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and numbness if it's eaten. Ricinus communis, "Castor Bean" wildlife_encounters/Flickr Castor beans are high in ricin, the effects of which can escalate quickly. Symptoms of ingestion can include "stomach irritation, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, profuse sweating, collapse, convulsions, and death within a few days," according to Union County College biology professor Tom Ombrello. Redditor Rabzozo said their boss spent a week in the hospital after he set a fire in his yard and inhaling smoke that happened to contain compounds from castor plants. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that "unintentional exposure to ricin is highly unlikely, except through the ingestion of castor beans." Don't eat them. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere just hit its highest level in 800,000 years, and scientists predict deadly consequencesCities around the US are flooding at high tide and on sunny days at record rates — here's what it's likeLava is still tearing through Hawaii as the Kilauea volcano continues to erupt— here's what it looks like on the groundSEE ALSO: Just don't call it 'climate change': What Republicans in Dallas can teach us about saving the planet DON'T MISS: 7 things that make mosquitoes bite you more

On June 18, 1983, NASA astronaut Sally Ride became America's first woman in space after she and four colleagues blasted off on the space shuttle Challenger for the STS-7 mission. See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity is a monumental achievement of human ingenuity, creativity and perseverance — to say the least.

On June 17, 1985, Space Shuttle Discovery launched on NASA's STS-51-G mission, carrying payload specialist Sultan Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who became the first Arab and first Muslim in space.See how it happened in our On This Day in Space video series.

On June 16, 1963, cosmonaut Valentina Nikolayeva Tereshkova became the first woman to travel into space. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

Cosmic rockers Coheed and Cambria are well-known for their out-of-this-world concept records, but they came back down to Earth for their last album, "Color Before the Sun" — except for one big leap to Mars.

On June 14, 1914, the first patent for a liquid-fueled rocket design was granted to Dr. Robert Goddard, an American scientist and rocket pioneer. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

The CBS premiere of "Strange Angel" will take viewers back to a time when building rockets was as wild an idea as creating a time machine.

Mysterious creatures called magnetic monopoles are predicted by our theories of the universe — so why has nobody seen them?

In an exclusive interview, Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine") tells about the series' legacy and teases a new DS9 expansion in the "Star Trek Online" game.

Next-generation transportation systems are relatively easy to trick -- Read more on

On June 9, 1952, the Abee meteorite fell in Alberta, Canada, at 11:05 p.m. at night. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

Universal Pictures has released the first look at "First Man.". Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong as he faced "one of the most dangerous missions in history," Apollo 11.

The Jurassic Park franchise has sparked an interest in dinosaur DNA, but the movies are just fiction -- Read more on

On June 6, 1995, American astronaut Norman Thagard broke NASA's space endurance record at the time of 84 days, 1 hour and 16 minutes while aboard the Russian space station Mir. See how it happened in our On This Day In Space video series.

Boston Dynamic’s cute and uncannily realistic canine-bot is just one of many robots that are inspired by the natural world -- Read more on


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