Advertise with Techlines

Techlines offers two types of advertising:

Traditional Banner Advertising

306X250 Title Ad in the upper right corner of the website.

We will accept a maximum of 6 tile ad sponsors per month. The ads will be rotated randomly between those maximum number of advertisers. The cost to be a tile ad sponsor is $995 per month. Multi-month discounts are available. 

Native Advertising w/Sponsored Stories

Native advertising is a great way to promote your editorial content. Traditional magazine advertising referred to this method as advertorials or advertisements made to look like editorial coverage. Sponsored stories integrat with the editorial content. All sponsored stories need to include a video just like the editorial content. Native advertising is reviewed by Techlines staff to ensure it fits within the business, science or technology categories, but it is not reviewed for accuracy and no claims are made to the accuracy or viability of any products that may be advertised and an advertisement is not necessarily an endorsement. The advertiser assumes all liability.

Sponsored stories are available for $995 per story and will appear within the other content. Visitors that wish to read the full story will be linked to a site of advertiser's choice where the full article will be hosted. Articles will remain in rotation on the website for an entire month. To keep content fresh, a sponsored story can only run for a maximum of one month. Multi-month discounts are available for running multiple unique stories, however, only one story from an advertiser may run at a time.

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